Product Review: Human Nature Lavender Mint Bar and Vanilla Exfoliating Bar

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Human Nature Lavender Mint Bar and Vanilla Exfoliating Bar

It was five years ago when I started my love affair for using natural handmade soaps because I find most commercial soaps drying for my sensitive skin. My favorite brand at that time was ByNature Handmade Soaps. I tried a lot of their soap variants and was very satisfied with the effects on my skin but my only problem was that their price became more expensive each year (price range is Php 175 – 320 as of this writing). After some trial-and-errors with several organic soaps, I finally found a more affordable and really good quality natural soap from Human Nature. The variants I tried so far are Lavender Mint Bar and Vanilla Exfoliating Bar.

Human Nature uses the cold-process method of making soaps using coconut oil and vegetable-derived glycerine (vegan-friendly) which keeps the skin soft and moisturized unlike commercial soaps that leave the skin dry after taking a bath. When it comes to fragrance, Human Nature only uses essential oils to add a mild scent to their soaps. If you’re the type of person who wants to smell like you have used a perfume after bathing, then this soap is not for you. For their exfoliating bar variants, instead of using plastic microbeads that are harmful to our sea animals, Human Nature uses loofah exfoliants to remove dead skin cells. Finally, Human Nature soap bars are NPA (Natural Products Association) certified which means that they comply with NPA standards of using only natural ingredients to their personal care products.

Human Nature Lavender Mint Bar and Vanilla Exfoliating Bar

I have been using their soaps for 2 months already and I love the fact that they make my skin squeaky clean but without the “tight skin” feeling. I was also surprised that their soaps lather well compared to other natural soaps that I had tried. Human Nature uses decyl glucoside which is a plant-derived gentle surfactant that is responsible for the foaming effect of the soap. My only issue with their soaps is that they melt fast but that is because they don’t use chemical hardeners unlike commercial soaps. Overall, I love using the two soap variants that I tried so far especially the Lavender Mint (hey, I love anything minty) and I will definitely try their other variants: Lemon Zest Bar, Clean Cotton Bar, Gentle Cleansing Bar (unscented) and Strawberry Exfoliating Bar.

You can buy Human Nature soaps (price range is Php 60 – 90) through their online shop, authorized dealers, leading supermarkets nationwide and beauty shops (e.g. I bought mine from Beauty Bar).

Have you tried Human Nature natural soaps? If yes, what variants have you tried? Share your experience on the comment section below.

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