Hello Green Beauties!

I’m Melody – a nerdy Software Engineer working on a night-shift schedule which led to my unhealthy lifestyle and its effect shows on my skin as well. I maybe a nerd but I can’t live without my lip balms and body butters, in other words, I’m also a self-confessed beauty junkee. Recently, I read an article on the internet about how most of the skincare and cosmetic beauty products that we are using are made out of harmful chemicals (e.g. paraben). This makes me realize that being healthy is not only about the food we eat but also about the products that we are applying ON our body. With those things in mind, I decided to start making a transition from using chemical-laden to all-natural and organic beauty products. On this blog, I will focus more on DIY beauty products using locally-available raw materials (I’m living in the Philippines). I’m lucky that there are so many resources on blogs and YouTube about DIY beauty products so it will be just a matter of experimenting on which one will work for me best.

I hope that this blog will inspire other people to become an organic and natural beauty – inside and out.

Your Green Beauty Warrior,


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