DIY Homemade Natural Room and Linen Spray Using Essential Oils

Friday, May 05, 2017

DIY Homemade Natural Room and Linen Spray Using Essential Oils

Room spray (also known as air freshener) is one of the most essential household items I can’t live without. I just love going home in a place that smells heavenly. This is the reason why I use room spray in every possible areas of our home. However, after reading this study from the National Library of Medicine about the toxic effects of commercial air fresheners, I decided to look for a greener and safer alternative. One option is to buy organic room spray but I find them too expensive since the 100ml bottle only lasted for less than a month for me. The other option is to create my own room spray and I never imagined that it’s actually so easy to create one. All you need is three simple ingredients – water, alcohol and essential oils.

What I like about making your own room spray is that
  • You can experiment with the scent by blending different essential oils. You can adjust how strong or light the scent is and you can even create a scent depending on your mood (e.g. a scent for relaxation).
  • It is more economical. Once you have the basic ingredients in your DIY toolkit, you can create multiple bottles of room spray for a fraction of the cost of commercial air fresheners.
  • You can benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
(Makes one 100ml spray bottle)

Distilled water
Vodka (non-flavored)
20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil (or blend of essential oils)

  1. Half-fill the spray bottle with vodka.
  2. Add the essential oils and shake well.
  3. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with distilled water until it almost reaches the rim (leave a little space so we can still shake the mixture).
  4. Shake well to mix everything together.
Where to buy the materials
Vodka is an essential ingredient of this recipe. It’s because water and essential oil don’t mix at all so we need an alcohol to bind those two together. I prefer to use vodka because it’s odorless so it won’t interfere with the scent of the essential oils that you’re going to add. Choose the cheapest vodka that you can find. I bought mine from Rustan’s Supermarket for about Php 150 and it’s a 700 ml bottle of vodka, just imagine how many bottles of room spray you can make out of that! Even though we’re using vodka to bind the essential oil to the water, I still recommend to shake the bottle well before spraying.

As much as possible, use a dark-colored or opaque spray bottle to store the mixture. This is because essential oils lose their aromatic and therapeutic properties when they are exposed to light. If you don’t have dark-colored or opaque spray bottle, then make sure to store the bottle in a cool and dark place.

Take note also that the fragrance of this DIY room spray doesn’t last super long compared to commercial counterparts. The reason is because commercial air fresheners use additives to make their fragrance lasts longer. However, these additives could impose some health issues to some people who have intolerance to these chemicals.

The fun part of this DIY is you can experiment with the scent by blending essential oils. Here are some of my favorite blends:

Relaxing Blend
These blends are very calming so they are perfect to be used on bedroom. Spray on your pillows for a great night’s sleep.

Blend #1: 20 drops green tea + 10 drops eucalyptus
Blend #2: 20 drops lavender + 10 drops eucalyptus
Blend #3: 15 drops lavender + 15 drops chamomile

Focusing Blend
This blend is ideal to be used in the office whenever you want to stay focused on your tasks.

15 drops peppermint + 15 drops rosemary

Energizing Blend
These citrus blends will keep you energized when you’re down.

Blend #1: 15 drops peppermint + 15 drops lemon
Blend #2: 15 drops orange + 15 drops grapefruit
Blend #3: 10 drops orange + 10 drops lemon + 10 drops bergamot

Deodorizing Blend
This blend will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean because of the antibacterial properties of tea tree and lavender essential oils.

15 drops tea tree + 15 drops lavender

Holiday Blend
This blend reminds me of Christmas season.

15 drops orange + 15 drops cinnamon

Have you tried creating your own room spray? What are your favorite blends? Let me know on the comment section below.

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